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This introduces a new aspect of my work a long time in the making. I'm incorporating other media into my imagery, some aspects of which are proprietary that have been developed here in the studio. Metals, deep etching, patinas, gilding, semi-precious gems, hardware ornamentatiion, crystals and so on are all part of this direction (which has been a ton of fun).

All this changes nothing about what I have done and will do; it simply represents another means of expression. Go HERE.

We had a wonderful STORMY WEATHER Festival November 1st, 2nd & 3rd in Cannon Beach Oregon. As the featured 2D artist at my flagship venue, the BRONZE COAST GALLERY, I introduced some of my latest and best which is now posted here.

Also please welcome the beautiful Thomas Anthony Gallery in Park City to my lineup. I am honored to be associated with the gallery and their significant line up of artists.

INTERNATIONAL PHOTO AWARDS WINNER: I had the honor of taking 2nd place in the Nature: Flowers Pro category this year. Having added a number of categories this year, you can view the other winners here: International Photo Awards 2012

NEW WORK. The Home Page image is of one of several new pieces along with others now in "LATEST". Also check out the most recent work in MIXED MEDIA. It has been busy in the studio...

FULL SCREEN PAN & ZOOM: Please be aware of this great feature with each of my images. It may take a few moments to load depending on your connnection but it is a wonderful way to really look into high resolution photography.

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