This section will be dedicated to current and recent works using more than one media. For more information on the technical side of all this, visit here.

(Due to the flattening effect of photography large art pieces and the loss of sheen and depth detail that creates, the accompanying detail shots will yield a much more realistic impression of the work in real life.)

Double Stargazers/Etched Copper/Stained Glass/Gems

A new favorite, this piece chronicles a progression in my series using an image special to me on a gloss custom crackled panel. The pierced copper reveals stained glass recessed behind and the gems are black Mother-of-Pearl, lab-grown Ruby and Amethyst cabuchons.

The border etching started with a simple "S" curve and developed from there. Overall dimension is 36"x46"; pigment ink panel is 27"x36".

Corner Detail (Click to enlarge).

Iris/Etched Brass/Cabuchons

My first piece using brass and what it can do. I will definitely being more with the metal. The border is built on a design module I used to use as an inlay pattern in my woodworking days while the gems are black Mother-of-Pearl and Amethyst cabuchons.

A smaller piece, the pigment ink panel measures 24"x36"; overall is 38"x47". Frame 2" deep.

Corner Detail (Click to enlarge).

Sunflower/Etched Copper/Tiger Eye Cabuchons

One of my happiest images with a double helix etching design. It was fun learning how to draw a helix, first manually then in Illustrator.

Frame assembly was made from scratch in the studio; the crackled print measure 27" x 36". This piece is SOLD.

Corner Detail (Click to enlarge).


Datura/Etched Copper/Stained Glass/Cabuchons

Another favorite images printed on aluminum rather than the custom crackle. The piece is one of the first with the pierced surround revealing the glass.

The cabuchons are either black Mother-of-Pearl or Amethyst. Print panel measure 22.5" x 30".

The piece was SOLD by the Bronze Coast Gallery

Corner Detail (Click to enlarge).