Every artist's work is influenced by different people and elements in their lives, creatively and technically. These are links to just a few who have moved me for their various combinations of vision, skill, integrity and commitment. Most of them are already very well known; others should be. Several of them have also been very supportive of my efforts, making it even more of a pleasure to share their work.

First, for anyone in the arts or wanting to be, see my most favorite speech on the topic, the Neil Gaiman Commencement Speech at the University of Arts 2012: Neil Gaiman Speech

Premier panoramic photography: http://www.macduffeverton.com/

I relate to this artist a lot and love his work--small made big with huge prints. His main site
is down for now but look at his work at this gallery: http://www.ktfineart.com/artists/kim_keever/

Another really talented large format shooter: http://www.oglesbee.com/

A French photographer whose latest work, in particular, is simply amazing. An absolutely "must see" site, be sure to click on "VOIR HYPER-PHOTO" in the lower right hand corners of his images to see the real detail. http://www.hyper-photo.com/

A fellow Imacon/Hasselblad forum member and top drawer commercialshooter out of Canada. Known for his work with liquids, his site page image says it all. http://www.peterschafrick.com/

Really well done underwater photography. A series of hers won in the Lucie Awards. http://www.zenaholloway.com/

One of my favorited mixed media artists: Regan Rosburg Mixed Media

A must see site and show: http://www.ashesandsnow.org/

One of the most full range and talented guys out there. http://www.charlescramer.com/

An early supporter and icon in this business. http://www.christopherburkett.com/

Another one of my early inspirations. http://www.clydebutcher.com/

Other wonderful large format black and white landscape photographers:

Beautiful and different photography:

Superlative composite work:

Mind blowing snowflake photography: http://www.its.caltech.edu/~atomic/snowcrystals/photos/photos.htm

One of the veterans: http://www.huntingtonwitherill.com/

Great website and work: http://www.andyandersonphoto.com/

My patient and generous mentor: http://www.edlacasse.com/

A incredible potter with outrageous glazes: Conroe Porcelain Studio

The cool students from the W. B. Goodwin Community Center recommended this great resource site: http://www.gopromocodes.com/photography-resources

Not be be out done, the equally cool students of Michelle's Lex Middle School class suggested this resource: The Evolution of Photography

A friend from the early '70's who was one of a talented group that planted the first seeds in my head to do all this: http://www.jerrydownsphoto.com/

The top journal for large format photography: http://www.viewcamera.com/

Fine photography: http://www.tomoscott.com/

You must see Carl's vegetable series--excellent studio work: http://www.carlwarner.com/foodscapes/

One of the premier painters on the planet today (in my humble opinion):

Another one: http://www.mandarinfineart.com/jundigd.htm

Another fine painter and a gracious woman: http://www.sacredcave.com/ My most favorite fractal site:


From my old roots, a rare practicioner of the old art of ornamental turning:

Longtime friends and the best woodworkers in this part of the country with their
Jim Price being one of the best in the world. http://www.boykinpearce.com/

Amazing sculptors:


Versatile artist couple. Bob Pietruszewski is currently doing amazing kinetic wind sculptures while Ann Fleming is doing her wonderful drawings: Bob is at http://www.robertpietruszewski.com/ Ann is at http://www.annafleming.com/

If there had been any possible way to make a living working with advanced bonsai trees I would never have discovered photography. Americans are sadly misinformed as to what real bonsai is; this link will show some examples of the real thing done by a huge inspiration in my past. Click on "Masterpieces" by Mr. Masahiko Kimura. http://www.j-bonsai.com/index.html